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Welcome to Solomon - A Suppy Chain Assurance System

Separated from the IOT crowd by the sheer depth of systems integration, providing a seemless plug and play, secured, track and trade system

We have a solution to the problem of limited visibility and trade assurance in the fragmented supply chain Overcoming issues with traditional tracking only reporting on asset locations, without knowing the stakeholder involvement and security responsibilities.

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End to End Visibility

Transport tracking into remote asset management


Chain of custody reporting

Authenticated Automated Transactions


Insurance & Asset Transactions

Asset transport and remote transaction monitoring

Our Systems

Track & Trade

Enterprise Asset Manager

Manage a pool of non powered assets or even remote inventory stock take in real time

Ron Koehler


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Blockchain Registration

Track Monitor

Streamlined blockchain asset registration on secured servers for authenticated product integrity management.

Dr John Gattorna

Gattorna Alignment

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Transport Management Systems

Transit Telematics

Telematics has never been more accessable than now with transport operators accesssing the new system.

Brenden Arlington

Media Connect/ TNT

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A range of new insurance products that are more cost competitive due to the risk reduction of Trackster Trade Assurance services.

Jon Ford

Chub Maratime Insurance

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Trade Transactions


Proximity based payments for authenticated chain of custody exchanges to secure supply chain transactions.

Rhett Brokenshire

Accenture Strategy

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Warehouse Management


A simple tool to locate assets down to the meter, comes in handy in a busy warehouse or in the transport operations field.

Peter Liddell

KPMG Supply Chain Practice

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Recent News

Supporting AusPost for over a year

Supporting cool chain logistics for wine & Pharma merchants in Australia Post.

Chubb Maratime Products

Save on insuring your next shipment with the Chubb Maratime powered by Solomon Systems.

Transit Telematics Authenticated

Supporting Transport operators with TCA compliance support for a better future for logistics operations.

Amazon Web Services Partnership

Trackster win the innovaiton award with AWS for a 2 year support and services sponsorship.